I've been receiving your emails for almost a year now. They have been very encouraging in the development of our "Age in Place" design.

Jim - Testimonial

Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your regular newsletter, the Senior Housing Industry News. It’s informative, efficient and effective. Jim

Elaine - Testimonial

I really enjoyed the article about the generous boss. How I wish my 87 year-old aunt could live in one of these facilities! I hope your message strikes a ...

Elizabeth - Testimonial

I read your blog regularly and thinks it's really good/full of useful information Elizabeth

Wendy - Testimonial

I truly enjoy your blog and have shared with many of my colleagues.Wendy

John - Testimonial

Thank you for all you do and mostly for caring about our Senior Community.  John

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About Steve Moran

I run Senior Housing Forum. I am passionately curious about lots of things. I thrive on stories. Particularly stories about senior housing providers and vendors who are innovating to better serve seniors. In addition to running Senior Housing Forum, I work with Vigil Health Solutions a company that provides terrific emergency call systems.

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