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I truly enjoy your blog and have shared with many of my colleagues.Wendy

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I read your blog regularly and thinks it's really good/full of useful information Elizabeth

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Thank you for all you do and mostly for caring about our Senior Community.  John

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I really enjoyed the article about the generous boss. How I wish my 87 year-old aunt could live in one of these facilities! I hope your message strikes a ...

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Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your regular newsletter, the Senior Housing Industry News. It’s informative, efficient and effective. Jim


I've been receiving your emails for almost a year now. They have been very encouraging in the development of our "Age in Place" design.

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About Steve Moran

I publish Senior Housing Form and speak on the industry. While I am passionately curious about all things related to aging, but I am particularly passionate about helping older seniors live purposeful meaning filled lives. I thrive on stories. Particularly stories about senior housing providers and vendors who are innovating to better serve seniors. In addition to running Senior Housing Forum, I work with Vigil Health Solutions a company that provides terrific emergency call systems.

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greed we trust

The Obscenity of Elder Care . . .

This may seem like a bit of a political rant that is only tangentially related to senior living but . . .here goes. A few days ago I read the last article in a three part series about hospice care …   read more


Conquering Dementia With Music

Music is this weird and wonderful magical and transformative thing. It perhaps could be described as being drug-like because of its power to transform one’s mental/emotional well being.   read more


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Did you know that senior housing and care sales professionals who respond in a fast, empathetic, and consistent manner, either by phone or email, see 2X – 5X more success?   read more


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Most companies and communities are still using a pencil and big old wide lined and columned sheet of paper to do their scheduling.   read more

5 gallon bucket

Tana Gall and Merrill Gardens Challenge to You

Tana Gall and Merrill Gardens have a challenge for you.   read more


Why Mystery Shopping is a Terrible Coaching Tool . . .

I know the headline sounds a little hypocritical coming from a guy who mystery shops (after a fashion) almost every week.   read more

Robin Williams

How Robin Williams Suicide Reflects the Emerging Senior Living Boomer Challenge

As the news emerged that Robin Williams was facing severe financial pressure, perhaps to the point of it being a life crisis his death became for me both more tragic and more emblematic of the looming Boomer financial challenge   read more


When I Write About Your Company . . .

No one likes bad publicity and when there is bad publicity no one likes additional coverage about that bad publicity.   read more


Is Little the New Big? – An Interview with Mark Maxfield the President of The Cottages

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